Banner Flags

Banner Flags – Flying Banners

Designed to be used as advertising flags and for events. We also have a model for wall mounting.


In the FEATHER flag: Banner Flags have a Feather board shape and allow more space for advertising.

Banner Flags FEATHER banner sizes
Height from floor Flag Width
(with sewing)
S 9.5 ft 1.8×7 ft
M 11 ft 2×9 ft
L 13 ft 2.5×11.5 ft
XL 16.5 ft 2.5×13.5 ft
XXL 20 ft 3×17 ft

DROP flag

In the DROP flag, the Banner Flag has the shape of an inverted Teardrop. The Event Flag offers increased resistance to wind impact by reducing surface friction.

Banner Flags DROP banner sizes
Height from floor Flag Width
(with sewing)
S 8 ft 2.5×6.5 ft
M 10 ft 3×7.5 ft
L 11.5 ft 3.5×9.75 ft
XL 14.43 ft 4.5×11.5 ft
XXL 17.71 ft 4.75×14.5 ft

Rectangular Model

In the Rectangular Model, the polyester flag is rectangular, secured to a rotating power arm and has an extendable telescopic mast of 175,59 inches.

Banner Flags RECTANGULAR MODEL sizes
Height: 220 cm
Flag: 70×180 cm
Banner Flags RECTANGULAR MODEL sizes
Height: 340 cm
Flag: 70×280 cm


Event Flags have 8 types of bases:

Crosshead Base with Floater.

Screw Thread Base.

Car Wheel Base.

Wall Base.

Skewer Base.

Deluxe Base.

Water Base.

Base Beach Flag for tent.

Optional Case

Banner Flags may include an optional Oxford case.


Mini Bannerflag

Mini Bannerflag 2′ Teardrop

Mini Bannerflag 2.5′ Feather

Mini Bannerflag Bases

Base for table

Base for car

The standard fabric we use to manufacture Banner Flags is the same we use for advertising banners and institutional flags: 100% polyester of 115g/m2.



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